Art Review
Jaime Becker is redefining and expanding on what collage means and is taking it to a new level. She brings it out of the one-dimensional plane and carries it past the canvas.  Jaime has been greatly influenced by the Impressionist Movement, Cubism and the Dada Movement.  She shows the viewer the big strokes of the idea of a cityscape, of a location and of a feeling. A viewer can get dwarfed in the void and the congestion of her art. It is a labyrinth of options of which way to look and which way is up or down. Its perspective is moveable.  Her work coined the term, Structural Collage.

Jaime Becker is inspired by the Impressionist movement with a nod to Dadaism and Cubism. She uses reclaimed objects to build the impression of city environs where people do not make eye-contact with each other. She doesn’t abide by any sense of traditional perspective. Her pieces have multiple vantage points all assembled and sharing the same space.

Personal Statement
I create false paper cities that will remind the viewer of our fragile world and the man-made environments we create. I rip, tear and cut reclaimed images with purpose. I want the viewer to struggle with the fragility of the paper juxtaposed to the strong, concrete images of a building, person or object that has been printed upon it.  Humans and objects can erode and fall apart at any time; it is all paper thin.  I utilize two-dimensional reclaimed flat images and force them into a dimensional structure which gives your psyche a sense of movement and depth. I call this: “Structural Collage.”

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